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Welcome to Clément Joly's Engineering Portfolio

The versatile, yet specialized, Master’s Degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Clément Joly received from Polytech’Orléans (France) as well as his exchange program at Wichita State University (KS, USA) allowed Clément to work on thrilling projects for cutting-edge companies and research centers.


His education’s emphasis on fluid dynamics eased the transition from school to internships and then full-time professional experiences.


At SoftInWay since January 2013, Clément wears many hats. These include performing and/or managing turbomachines and thermodynamic cycles design, analysis and optimization consulting projects (including CFD & FEA), teaching engineers design theories (steam and gas turbines, radial turbines, bearing and rotor dynamics analysis, waste heat recovery systems, steam/gas/combined/ORC (Organic Rankine Cycles)/sCO2 (Supercritical Carbon Dioxide) cycles) and efficient software use as well as coordinating the technical support team across the company’s global offices while managing a small team of engineers.


At the University of Florida with a partnership from CNRS ICARE, he performed experimental research on the disintegration of sub- and supercritical injection into different environments. This allowed to qualitatively and quantitatively study the core length and spreading angle as well as the droplet formation to determine best conditions for efficient oxidizer/oxidant mixing.


At ONERA, Mr. Joly undertook the numerical simulation (CFD RANS) of hydrogen combustion in a hypersonic air flow on a flat plate to understand the dynamic of the flow in the extreme conditions of a Mach 5+ aircraft combustion chamber.


For Lig’Air, Clément investigated optimal air renewal time for given classroom configurations and conditions to reduce indoor air pollution due to carcinogenic formaldehyde below safety threshold while minimizing heat losses upon opening of window using computational fluid dynamics (CFD).


His ambitious, extremely organized and selfless personality also allows him to work on side projects like creating and managing the Polytech’Abroad community that gathers and helps more than 1500 engineering students and alumni find professional opportunities outside of France.


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"Life is the mere interview of your admission into heaven but what if, without your knowing, you had been given a second chance?" -- Life v2.0, Clement Joly